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Lisa Cuerden

Lisa has been working in the fitness industry for just over 11 years.

Her love of fitness and well being has taken her to a high level within the industry, she has her own business based in Oxford called ‘Life Changing Fitness’ offering Personal training and Sports Massage, she runs a very successful Online Fat Loss program and teaches a wide variety of fitness classes.

Lisa also works as an Educator and is a well known Fitness Presenter teaching at many fitness rolex replica watches events across the UK.

Lisa has taught fitness based yoga for 7 years and has practiced hot yoga for 5+ years, in August 2014 she made the decision to explore the spiritual side of yoga more deeply and went to Los Angeles to complete her Ashtanga and Vinyasa Instructor Training, following on from that she recently went to Bali to delve even deeper into the subtle body completing her 500 hour yoga training with ‘Feeling Soul Good The Alchemy of Yoga and Sound’.

Lisa said: “My recent experiences both in LA and Bali have taken me on a transformational journey to being at peace with my mind and my body, I am physically and mentally a different person, Yoga truly has changed my life for the better and I am loving this journey”.