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About Block Fit

Chico’s philosophy is to get from A to B in the shortest time with maximum impact. He also believes in the middle path approach. Inspired by the great Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee “picking what works best and discarding the rest” He picked 4 disciplines that have been here since time and memorial with dance, combat, HIIT, and Yoga-inspired moves and meditation and Block Fit was born.


Block Fit is four workouts in one class.  A revolutionary all in one fitness brand that fuses dance, combat, HIIT (high and low interval training), yoga-inspired moves and meditation.

The Block Fit workouts are split into four easy to follow blocks of choreography to original music sung by its creator Chico Slimani who knocked Madonna off the top of the UK charts with his infectious hit “It’s Chico Time”

You are expected to burn between 650 and 1000 calories depending on your body type and intensity.