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Thank you to my dearest friend Mr. Robin Tucker for editing, and basically being there through thick and thin with absolute unconditional love. THANK YOU.

I extend this to one of my closest friends the amazing Darren Paul for his incredible photography and Las for his videography. THANK YOU. I owe you a great debt of gratitude, and also to Anupjyoti Das for designing this website.

I would like to give a massive thank you to my soul brothers, the genius Mr Roachie, and Danny kirsch for their musical brilliance. you are simply amazing, and last but not least my beloved wife, and children who have to put up with me being absent even when present while trying to get Block Fit off the ground.

Another massive thank you to my wonderful team, who are not only the best at what they do but are genuinely one life’s great people. It’s an honour knowing you: Mr Richard Callender, Joanna Cooper, Chrissy Harper, Lisa Cuerden.

Ok now that;s done let me just start by saying

Nothing great has ever been achieved easy unless you win the lottery, and even then. unless you are grounded, and you have your feet firmly on the ground it could become your worse nightmare.

Trust me I know. because I know the first UK euro lotto winner, and he tells me a whole different story.

Yes money can give you choices but it brings a whole heap of problems if you don’t know who you truly are, and more to the point if you dont know who your real friends are, but that’s another story.

Anyway the moral of the story is Block Fit has been built on cheer PMA, hard word, dedication, persistence, and patience.

I call it the three Ps:

1 – Patience
2 – Persistence
3 – Perseverance

And when you make it add another P:

4 – Pay the taxman

So here we are, a life long dream, and complete passion for making a difference is the reason – Block Fit was BORN.

So after a successful launch at the IFS International Fitness Showcase in Blackpool with the amazing Richard Callender, Jo Cooper, Lisa Cuerden, and Chrissy Harper, the response Block Fit received was nothing short of amazing.

So to see one of my dreams become a reality was one of the best and proudest moments of my life, not to mention that half an hour before I came on stage, my 8 year old girl Lalla-Khira won the gold, and silver at the national Teakwondo championship which I had to sacrifice being at to be at the IFS for the launch of Block Fit.

What is crazy about this story is that the place she competed in was where I first met the legend that is Mr. Richard Callender a few months before by complete chance or was it? I guess the universe was working in perfect synchronicity? Is it DESTINY? As I’m a great believer in that.

There’s no reason behind a reason, we just have to find the reason behind the reason, because what is written for you will not pass you, and what has passed you wasn’t written for you.

I was originally there to see the amazing Rachel Holmes, so after our brief introduction she had to leave so I walked into to the other room, and I heard a friendly voice say! Is it that tiiiiime? so I replied. It’s Chico Tiiiiime!!!

We laughed, hugged, and took a picture. He introduced me to the wonderful Lydia Hannan who told me about her incredible husband Ceri hannan, and all things IFS (International Fitness Showcase) in Blackpool.

We had a coffee, she asked about all things X Factor, and how they loved my experience on there. I told her all about my new fitness venture then she asked me if I would like to present a master class at the IFS in March. Bare in mind Block Fit was just an idea called CHICOMBA so I remembered a Richard Branson quote where He said:

If you are offered a great opportunity, and you don’t know how to do it just say YES! And learn how to do it after.

So naturally I said YES count me in, and as they say the rest is HISTORY!

I drove to a gig that night smiling like a Cheshire cat, so upon my return I contacted Richard who just happens to live 20 minutes away, and after a few meetings with this amazing man, the Block Fit concept was finalized, and now we are here YAY!

THE BEGINNING of what I believe will become one of most inspiring & and successful fitness brands in the world. I truly DO!

My thought has always been that of VISION. I always refer back to a friend of mine, who always says,

Without vision people perish …

I never look at what something is NOW but what that SOMETHING will become, because most people normally fight over the crumbs, and miss the whole cake.

Again this has been the story of my life, whether it’s been fighting with Simon Cowell on the X Factor or knocking Madonna of the top spot or achieving anything that I have ever set my heart on achieving for that matter, because

Everything is a mind over matter, and I don’t mind when it comes to things that matter.

Thank God all my dreams so far have been achieved and I see Block Fit as no different. I honestly believe this is just the beginning.

I mean no one believed Zumba would become what it is now when BETO forgot his music and he rushed to his car to bring 10 different tapes and give a master class. Not even he believed what Zumba will become but now it’s the leading fitness brand in the world, so why can’t Block Fit be something similar???

So the moral of this whole story is. All I have is belief, and with hard work there is nothing that you cannot achieve, because the only person that’s stopping you. is YOU.

So on that note I hope you feel as inspired as I have been, and I sincerely hope that you can join us on this wonderful adventure of health, fitness, self-discovery and unconditional LOVE.

Spread the word … Spread the love X